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The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study

This is an informative article about some amazing research which shows the connection between bad childhood experiences and health and other problems in adults, including obesity, COPD, alcoholism, and chronic depression. It’s well written, and I think everyone should read … Continue reading

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We have all heard that stress is a killer, but you may not know some of the ramifications of living with constant stress. Because your body doesn’t function properly when you’re tense for hours and days on end, you can … Continue reading

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It isn’t the lactic acid

I am often asked by my massage clients what massage is doing to their muscles. One of their common misconceptions, especially when they have recently over-exercised and their muscles are sore, is that it is removing lactic acid from their … Continue reading

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Why sitting is so bad for your back and what to do about it

In today’s world, many people sit all day, often at a computer. This can be awful for your back. I just found this fabulous blog at Healing Yew about why, with tips for preventing back pain when you have to … Continue reading

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Hard work and miracles

This past week, I did a one hour private session with Dr. Vance Bonner, and I have to tell you that it was amazing. I’ve had the great good fortune of studying with Dr. Bonner, the inventor of Structural Reprogramming, … Continue reading

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