Why sitting is so bad for your back and what to do about it

In today’s world, many people sit all day, often at a computer. This can be awful for your back. I just found this fabulous blog at Healing Yew about why, with tips for preventing back pain when you have to sit all day. I added a few comments at the bottom of her page on things I have also found to help.

And then there is Coach Jenny’s marvelous idea about walking instead of sitting still here. I personally want to find myself a treadmill and revamp my workspace so I don’t sit at all! I love this.

About Ann

Ann Stanley has practiced massage and craniosacral therapy in Bend Oregon for the past nine years. She incorporates myofascial release and lomi-lomi techniques into her massage. She is writing a novel, plays the flute and piano and has a Ph D in applied mathematics. She did research for many years on mathematical models for the spread of infectious diseases, first at Los Alamos National Laboratory and then at Iowa State University.
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