The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study

This is an informative article about some amazing research which shows the connection between bad childhood experiences and health and other problems in adults, including obesity, COPD, alcoholism, and chronic depression. It’s well written, and I think everyone should read it. I’d never heard of this longitudinal study of more than 17,000 people until I saw this post today. Since there are some real nuggets of information about the impact of abuse on brain health towards the end of this long article, read the whole thing. You’ll be doing yourself and everyone else a favor. If we as a society take these results seriously, we can reduce childhood trauma and prevent these effects from happening.

The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study.

I’m really curious now if Acupuncture and Massage, by reducing stress levels and putting people more in touch with their bodies and improving energy flows, help undo some of these deleterious effects. I speculate that they can and do. I’d love to hear what others think. This article doesn’t really talk about how to heal from these traumas, which will be another whole research study or several studies, I’m sure.

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Ann Stanley has practiced massage and craniosacral therapy in Bend Oregon for the past nine years. She incorporates myofascial release and lomi-lomi techniques into her massage. She is writing a novel, plays the flute and piano and has a Ph D in applied mathematics. She did research for many years on mathematical models for the spread of infectious diseases, first at Los Alamos National Laboratory and then at Iowa State University.
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