We have all heard that stress is a killer, but you may not know some of the ramifications of living with constant stress. Because your body doesn’t function properly when you’re tense for hours and days on end, you can develop all kinds of symptoms that might not seem easily attributable to stress. Maybe you just get headaches, or it seems to take forever to heal after an injury. Maybe your digestions doesn’t work quite right, or your skin seems drier than usual. Certainly, your muscles have become rigid and good posture has gone out the window as your chest contracted and your shoulders rose around your ears.

Massage and acupuncture can help you relax and get your health back on track. My clients are often embarrassed that their stomachs start rumbling partway through their treatment, but I am pleased to hear the noise. It means that their nervous system has calmed down. But relaxing shouldn’t be something you can only do during a treatment. It should be something you practice and do on your own. I’m really grateful to Michelle Doetsch at Healing Yew for this wonderful blog on stress management:

The 5 Best Stress Management Tips

I hope you find it helpful. I did! I especially love tip #1. I practice Byron Katie‘s steps from her wonderful book Loving What Is (when I remember to do them – hey, nobody’s perfect!) and they work.

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Ann Stanley has practiced massage and craniosacral therapy in Bend Oregon for the past nine years. She incorporates myofascial release and lomi-lomi techniques into her massage. She is writing a novel, plays the flute and piano and has a Ph D in applied mathematics. She did research for many years on mathematical models for the spread of infectious diseases, first at Los Alamos National Laboratory and then at Iowa State University.
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