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Providing quality acupuncture, massage, myofascial release and cranial sacral therapy in Bend, Oregon and Vance Stance classes.



Ann Stanley, LMT #7858, practices a wide variety of treatment modalities. These include:


All treatments are tailored to your individual needs and can usually be combined into any single session.

Cranial sacral/Craniosacral/Cranialsacral Therapy

Great for headaches, TMJ problems, and a host of other issues, this gentle approach will leave you amazed by its potency. Using the bones as handles and 'listening stations', micro-movements tap into the body's healing powers and allow it to reset itself. Focus is on the cranium, spine, and pelvis, but any bone can be a tool for healing. Practitioners use those bones to feel into the craniosacral fluid (the fluid that bathes the spine and brain) and the membranes that surround and divide those structures.

I've studied two different versions of this work: primarily with Avi Khadir in New Mexico (who calls it cranial sacral therapy), but also with the Upledger Institute (craniosacral therapy). I love to throw in a few techniques I've learned in myofascial trainings, too, that are especially great for the hands and feet. The many tiny bones in these distal structures tend to get shifted and cause pain and stiffness that reverberates through the whole body. This therapy can be easily incorporated into any massage session.

Myofascial Release

Eliminate pain and improve your posture with these effective techniques. In general, with this method, we will take one segment of your body and spend three to four sessions methodically releasing restrictions in that area. Generally, people feel a huge amount of relief, improved mobility, and improved posture. It's fabulous to pair this work with Structural Reprograming™ classes.

Myofascial release therapy, which is an offshoot of Rolfing, but incorporates some osteopathy and other concepts, works on the connective tissue that surrounds all the muscles and nerves and runs just under the skin and around all of the organs. This tissue is that plastic-wrap like white tissue you see on a chicken. When it hardens and shifts, it affects your ability to move and causes pain.

We use your own movements, along with moderate to deep pressure, so this isn't a relaxation massage. Come prepared for some big and rapid changes.


This is the ancient lomi, taught by Dr. Maka'ala Yates, who grew up near the famous Auntie Margaret and studied with her. A rhythmic, full-body, massage which is super-relaxing, or specialized treatment work tailored to your problems. The lomi treatment work effectively releases knots and helps heal injuries. With advance notice, hot towels can be incorporated for a small extra charge.

Deep Tissue/Sports Massage/Orthopedic massage

For those who like the pressure and for those deeply-bound adhesions and scar tissue, there is nothing like some deep tissue massage coupled with stretches to break them up and get you moving again. Pre-event and post-event sports massage will stimulate blood flow and help you be at the top of your game and reduce post-event soreness, whether you've just climbed a mountain or run a marathon.

Improve your posture and eliminate pain with Structural Reprograming™

Bad posture is the source of much of the muscular and soft tissue pain that people experience. With the training and exercises learned and practiced in SR, also known as The Vance Stance®, we teach you how to reverse your poor posture habits and get out of pain. This modality can even straighten a curved spine and eliminate bunions and hammer toes. One of the great things about it is that you can practice it on your own, and take charge of your own healing, though it definitely helps to have a teacher. Private lessons are available at your home or you can take classes with the amazing Vance Bonner herself. Call me for more information at 541-350-1613 or Vance at 541-330-9070.

Bad posture has many sources. It may come from sitting at a computer all day, driving in a car, habits learned from parents, compensation patterns adapted during recovery from an injury, or emotional issues, to name a few. It may happen because you stand on the inside or outside of your feet. Often, people lock (or nearly lock) their knees, and that throws everything out of balance and causes their ankles to become stiff. Maybe you are knock-kneed or bow-legged.

No matter. SR can help. We begin by looking at how you do stand, then teach you a new way. It feels awkward, because you are not used to standing properly. You can't do it, at first, because you are too tight. So then we have you do exercises to gain flexibility and to practice this new way of being in the world. You stand on tennis balls and stretch your feet. You drop your heels off of staircases. You stand on one leg and put the other one up on a wall. Some of the exercises are painful at times. We work in teams, to make sure your body is aligned the best you can and to get more leverage.

And slowly, slowly, you will improve. The exercises get easier. One day you will notice that that nagging hip pain is gone. Or you haven't felt the mid back ache in a while. Someone comments on how straight you're standing. Your balance is fabulous. You are more flexible and yet stronger, too. Your body can do things it hasn't done since you were seven. Hopefully, by then you will love this work so much that you will keep practicing for the rest of your life.

I know, because I started out worse than most. I had constant nagging pain in my mid back and neck pain. My back was horribly curved, almost like a hunched back. Other than that, I was in fabulous shape. I bicycled, danced, skied and took long hikes all the time. It took about two years of effort to stand up straight enough to eliminate the mid-back pain, and even longer to stand up straight, but I'm almost there. After all, I had bad posture for thirty years. If I can do it, you can too!

More information on SR can be found at http://www.thevancestance.com

Call (541)350-1613 to arrange your session with Ann.