Acupuncture Appointments

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Time: 1hr. 30 min. - 1hr. 45 min.

You will be greeted and given the mandatory paperwork to fill out, which usually takes about 10-15 min.

I will review the forms with you and we will discuss your major complaint.

I will ask you a set of questions that will help me determine your present state of health in order to begin a diagnosis.

I will confirm a diagnosis by feeling your radial pulses and looking at your tongue. In Chinese Medicine the pulses and tongue are a very important tool in determining an individual's health. We will discuss this more during the session.

I will make a diagnosis and we will discuss this. Using this diagnosis, an individualized treatment plan will be determined. One or more modalities will be used as well as acupuncture. Examples of this are moxa and gua sha.

I will explain where and why the acupuncture points to be used were chosen.

I will swab the point locations with a cotton ball soaked with alcohol as "Clean Needle Technique" protocol dictates.

Insertion of the individual needle will be completed and they will be typically left inserted for 20 min. The needles used are hair-thin and finely polished, so that you will rarely feel them inserted.

After 20 min. I will remove needles and if further modalities are needed we will continue on that course, otherwise we will discuss your experience or if you have any questions they will be addressed. We will discuss followup sessions and post-treatment care, also at this time I will suggest herbal formulas to be prescribed if appropriate.

During this entire intake process you are encouraged to ask questions and I will elaborate as we go along. I feel education is a very important part of the process. You will find I am a very good listener and thorough questioner. Your input is vital to the process.


Time: 1hr.

You will be greeted and we will discuss previous session, and you will let me know what it is you want to work on during this session.

I will check your pulses and look at your tongue and we will discuss what I find. A diagnosis and treatment plan will be discussed and we will proceed as above with the "Clean Needle Technique" and continue with the session as follows this step as discussed above.